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From the harbour of Hyères to the pixels on your screens with the Virtual SOF 2023

For three days, from Tuesday, May 2 to Thursday May 4, the Semaine Olympique Française will continue on your computer screens through the Virtual SOF 2023. Every participant will be able to race in three different Olympic fleets, with a maximum of 48 races in the competition. Player rankings will be decided by their best overall run of 10 consecutive races. Every day at 16:00, the fleet racing changes with the ILCA opening the competition on Tuesday, the 49er on Wednesday and finally the Nacra 17 on Thursday.

The top three finishers in this virtual competition will be directly qualified to participate in the playoffs of the individual World Championship. For French players, the first four finishers in the Virtual SOF will have direct access to the semi-finals of the E-sailing French Championship. Finally, the sailors who are currently racing SOF on the water and who participate in the virtual SOF can receive an invitation for the SOF 2024. Only the top 10 in the virtual ranking will be invited.